Culture and diverstiy


Culture and diverstiy.

Our world has not only become more flexible, but also more colorful and completely mixed. Migrants and expatriates add to our home culture, without prompting us to give up our own values and traditions. Are you also living such a life „between cultures“ due to the fact that you are studying or working in different countries or because you have to go abroad with your partner? Are your children growing up bi- or multiculturally?

I have lived in many different countries so far and I do not only know the many chances, but also the many challenges of leading an intercultural life. I will gladly accompany you while you are up are moving on to new horizons and building new bridges.

You are an international company looking forward to sending your employees on a foreign assignment? Please consult me on all aspects of foreign assignments. I will also offer you customized intercultural trainings and workshops on demand.

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One doesn’t need to understand the whole world, one only needs to learn to cope. 
(Albert Einstein)