My Way


My Way:

I have always been fascinated by people and by the multitude and diversity of talents, desires and personal expectations, we human beings tend to have!

Born in Vienna, for the last twenty years I have lived and worked in so many different countries and cultures including Bulgaria, Canada and Spain. At the moment I shuttle between Vienna, Austria and Milan, Italy. That way I have gained deep insight of the many challenges one has to cope with while living a multicultural life, however, I learned there are also as many chances as challenges.

In my private life I try to find the right balance between my job, my family and my personal interests.

In order to completely understand the many different personalities and their various desires as well as to help them finding their own path, I myself was guided step by step towards my own way as follows:

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There is always just one right way to go! Namely your own way!
(Werner Bethmann)