Loss and grief


Loss and grief.

Life has to do with constant change. And change also means being able to let go, to let go people, places, familiar things, customs and traditions. Along life many of us have experienced that having to leave behind beloved ones and familiar surroundings is not that easy at all and can sometimes hurt deeply.

Have you recently experienced a twist of fate leaving you behind rather puzzled wondering what to do next?

No matter whether that happened to you because of an accident, a severe illness or an unforeseen job loss or if your world turned around due to marriage, relocation or retiring, I will stand by you when having to deal with all kinds of losses giving you room and time to mourn as well as to express your thoughts and feelings and to come to terms with them more easily.

You will have to dismiss long-term employees and want them to be accompanied by a professional? I offer outplacement consulting to help them to cope with their pending job loss and find new job perspectives.

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