Coaching / Supervision


Coaching / Supervision

Coaching will support you to reach your vocational and personal goals faster and more successful. It is about a future-oriented process, rather than dealing with the reasons of problems, it is searching for possible solutions.

Step by step you will discover and make use of your own resources and strengths being able to solve your problems by yourself and thus gaining more and more security in decision-making.

Having a Diploma in Systemic Business Coaching I assist you with the right interventions and creative methods at the right time.

Your benefit:

auflistung-3security about your individual dispositions and strengths
auflistung-3support during the transformation of your personal and vocational goals
auflistung-3clarity about your further career
auflistung-3strengthening your intercultural competences
auflistung-3enhancement of your communication skills
auflistung-3better handling with stress and in conflict situations

Supervision serves as a good tool for reflecting your professional acting in a psychosocial context, where interpersonal relationships have an important influence on your professional performance.

It will strengthen your personal competence and professionalism as well as further the quality management of organizations and their services. Working on your own professional function, role or tasks are the focal points of our cooperation.

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If you do what you have always done so far, you will also get what you always got so far. If you want something new, you must do something new.
(based on Paul Watzlawick)