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References/links: Akademie für Ausbildung in Lebensberatung und Coaching: Donau-Universität Krems: WKO Personenberatung und Personenbetreuung: REA – Partners in Transition: WIFI Bildungsberatung: Verein Initiative LSB for refugees: Susanne Crow, Erfolg leben: Laure Mortelier, Motiviert Lernen und Leben: Georg Schreier, Systemisches denken und tun: Erika Salzmann, Psychotherapie, Beratung:…
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Life has to do with constant change!

Life has to do with constant change! Sometimes we find it easy to reach our goals since we manage to focus on our own way of getting there! Yet there are times where either an inner force or outer circumstances don’t let us see the goals we are heading for clearly, leading us off track…
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Why Coaching or Counseling?

Why Coaching or Counseling? Being your systemic coach and psychological counselor with long-term experience in supporting people during their process of change, I assist you in finding your individual potential and in achieving your own goals quicker and with better success. My part consists in giving you the necessary impulses to find your own solutions…
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