How I support you /our steps together


How I support you /our steps together.

I recommend starting with an introductory meeting which should serve as an orientation on how coaching/counseling could be helpful in your specific situation. This first meeting also gives us the opportunity to clarify if we desire to cooperate in the near future.

We will then define the goals and decide upon the amount of sessions necessary as well as set up the conditions for a successful cooperation.

At the beginning of each further session, we discuss your reflections and mention any possible conflicts or problems that have appeared. In this manner change and the newly acquired knowledge can sustain successfully.

Usually I offer my coachees additional “homework” to focus on in-between our coaching sessions. This gives them the chance to reflect individual priorities and to gain deeper insight.

During the last session we reflect the complete coaching process with all its sessions and conclude on the personal development, how change has been achieved and which steps towards success still need to be done.

It is now the moment to decide upon how the coachee can use the newly achieved skills for his or her future challenges. An action-plan commonly agreed by coach and coachee will support you during the realization of your goals.

As a licensed Life Counselor I am legally obliged to guarantee absolute confidentiality to all my clients.

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Already the first step you go is part of the path you are on.
(Arthur Schnitzler)